We Create AI Employees for your business.

The Intelligence Revolution has begun! Are you ready? We can help you prepare for and dominate the future where AI is either your #1 employee or your #1 competitor.

Klarna’s AI Assistant Is Doing The Job Of 700 Workers They Laid Off!

When tech layoffs started taking off in mid-2022, Klarna, a Sweden-based fintech company in the buy-now-pay-later space, announced plans to lay off about 10% of its global workforce…

Prime Mind AI specializes in creating, training and leveraging AI Employees so that you can thrive in the 21st century with confidence.


AI Employees

We create AI Employees to interact with your content, products, services and customers while automating business processes that take time and cost money. Think of it as hiring 1,000 employees for the price of 1 who never get tired, fired or retired.

AI Content

We create engaging AI Content and upgrade your existing content giving your a deeper and richer connection with your current and future customers. Imagine if your content could reach billions of people in seconds. Now it can!

Fractional DevRel

Our Fractional DevRel service bridges the gap between innovation and community. We combine AI-driven insights with over 20 years of human expertise in development, DevRel, and content creation to deliver flexible, impactful solutions.


“The Intelligence Revolution has begun! Are you ready? We can help you prepare for and dominate the future where AI is either your #1 employee or your #1 competitor.”

Titus – Founder of Prime Mind AI & Co-Author of AI to the Rescue – Your Own Personal Superhero.

Who is Titus?

Titus founded his first technology company at 16 selling a digital product he built on QVC.

At age 18 he was the youngest college professor ever at College of the Canyons.

In 1998 he built and sold an e-commerce business.

In 2009 he built and sold a top 15 iPhone app.

In 2017 he built and sold a Podcasting Software as a Service business.

Prime Mind AI is a culmination of his 30 years of technology and business experience combined with the latest AI technology and a world class team.

Titus and his team are dedicated to helping you dominate the 21st century and beyond!

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